Since 1973, we’ve been sharing ideas and enthusiasm as we show one another how we spin and weave. Our purpose is to:

  • Encourage and promote spinning, weaving and associated fibre arts as a medium of self-expression, fulfillment and satisfaction.
  • Encourage closer fraternal relationship with people having these interests in the Duncan and surrounding areas.

Well it has been quite the year hasn’t it? All this extended time at home provide us with an opportune time to do some revision and upgrading on our website.

We want to thank Cynara for her work on setting up and maintaining our web page over the years. Her lovely thoughtful newsletters full of gorgeous photos told the stories of our members’ love of the fibre arts for many years. Please join me in thanking Cynara for her hard work over the years.

We are thrilled to meeting in person once more. There is nothing quite like getting together with guild members face to face to talk about our projects, ask for and give advice, and most of all explore our love of fibre arts with each other.

Gudrun 2012
Gudrun (on the left of your screen) is a cherished Life Member of the guild.

Please see the About section for membership and meeting information.