We are a community of creative individuals with a passion for everything fibre.

Tzouhalem Spinners & Weavers Guild has been proudly sharing their ideas and enthusiasm for spinning, knitting, and weaving since 1973
Our mission is to:
  • Promote spinning, weaving, knitting, and all associated fibre arts as a medium of self-expression, fulfillment, and satisfaction.
  • Encourage closer fraternal relationships with people having these interests in Duncan, the Cowichan Valley, and the surrounding areas.
Tzouhalem Spinners & Weavers Guild Spinning Wheel

When & Where We Meet

Tzouhalem Spinners & Weavers Guild Meeting Schedule

Day Meetings 12 pm – 4 pm 2nd Tuesday of the Month September to June

Evening Meetings 6 pm – 9 pm 4th Tuesday of the Month September to June

St. Peter’s Church Hall 5800 Church Road, Duncan

Come join us and share your interests and projects in

spinning, weaving, tapestry, knitting, felting, or other fibre related arts.

Weave Got You Covered!

The Guild’s annual dues are $35.00, guaranteed fun, laughter, and fib-re-olous friends!

Well, it certainly has been quite the year!

Tzouhalem Spinners & Weavers Guild members are all so very thrilled to once again met everyone face-to-face. There is nothing quite like getting together with guild members and talking about our different projects, our W.I.P.’s, asking for and giving advice, and exploring our love of fibre arts with one other.

Tzouhalem Spinners & Weavers Guild White Logo