Beginning 2022 with a Study Group

During one of our 2021 virtual guild meetings the topic of study groups came up. We had a discussion about options for study and asked for volunteers to  organize and run the group.  We are so happy that Tammy volunteered to run a Deflected Double Weave study group for guild members.

What is Deflected Double Weave (thank you Tammy for these notes).

“A weave structure in which groups of threads from one weave alternate with groups from the other in both warp and weft. On the loom, the threads lie side by side in a single layer. When the fabric is removed from the loom and wet finished the threads of each weave slide above and below each other into adjacent float areas. Where they do this, they also curve to make waves and circles”

Madelyn Van Der Hoogt

DDW is a block weave that has grown rapidly in interest over the past few years.

We have a DDW guild study group of 11 members studying the principals of DDW on both 4 shaft and 8 shaft looms, but more members are welcome to join.

The guild table loom has been set up with an 8 shaft DDW draft and all guild members are welcome to try their hand at weaving a short sample to understand how to shuttle dive to get clean crisp selvedges on multiple layers.


Guild Loom ready for sampling

Study Group Members have also chosen DDW drafts to weave on their own looms at home.

They will experiment with colour and fibre choices in both warp and weft, as both have a huge influence on the finished weave especially where differential shrinkage is a factor.

Beautiful examples of Deflected Double Weave

We will also be learning about draft planning with the aid of computer software such as Fibreworks.

It is hoped that this study will provide  members with enough confidence to write their own DDW drafts for future projects and to use fibres other than those recommend in published drafts.



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