Wool, does it really matter?

Does wool really matter in today’s fast paced world? If one is a spinner, weaver, knitter or really any creator using wool as their medium the answer seems simple. A resounding yes would be the response. Unfortunately most of the wool produced around the world and here in Canada is viewed as a waste product. Fleeces are used as compost, shipped overseas for processing or sadly end up in landfills across the country. Many farmers understand the value of wool as a natural, renewable and biodegradable fibre but do not have the resources or time to shear the animals and process the fleece.

The Campaign for Wool was launched in Canada in 2014 by the now, King Charles as a way to raise awareness of the wonderful attributes of wool. It is a unique, natural and sustainable resource. Canada is one of 13 countries working towards educating and demonstrating to Canadians the benefits and uses for wool in all aspects of our lives.

Our guild president has been interested in learning about and supporting the Campaign for Wool and has shared her discoveries with the guild. We are fortunate to have sheep farmers in our area who have fleece for sale which many of our spinners take advantage of. There is nothing quite like knitting with yarn you have spun from fleece that you cleaned, carded and spun yourself.

October is Wool Month here in Canada and Campaign for Wool has  4 short videos about how wool is integrated into lives across Canada. I encourage you to visit this page and watch The Fabric of Canada films.

If you are interested in learning more about the Campaign for Wool these websites are a good start.

Campaign for Wool Canada outlines Canada’s plans to support the use of wool

Campaign for Wool NZ  great site for learning about the benefits and uses for wool fibre

Shear waste: Why Ontario throws out so much wool learn about the farmers challenges dealing with sheep fleece

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